Thank you for  choosing to donating to Paseo.   The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the Christchurch donation page.   Paseo is under the 501(c)3 umbrella of Christchurch.   All donations are tax deductible. 
Please read the following to Donate to Paseo.
  1. Through Christchurch you can donate in three ways: mail, in-person, or online.    However you choose to give, you will need to designate the funds to Paseo.
  2. If giving by check, please indicate your designation in the Memo line of your check.
  3. If giving on-line, please indicate the amount you wish to give and frequency of the gift.  Please click next and you will directed to a new page.
  4. You will have the option of continuing your donation via Google, Email, or Apple.   You may also continue as a guest, which is the path of least resistance.
  5. Please fill out your information and method of payment.   YOU WILL THEN NEED TO DESIGNATE YOUR GIFT TO PASEO IN THE MEMO LINE.  
  6. After designating your donation, you may click Continue.

Please click the following link and thank you for your donation!

                                                                                       Christchurch Donation Page Link