What is Paseo? Paseo is a Lay ministry movement within the Anglican community. It is one of several “Fourth Day” movements patterned after Cursillo, founded by the Spanish Catholic Church in the 1940s.  The Paseo weekend invites all Christians, not just Anglicans, as participants, or “Pilgrims.” We have welcomed Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Catholics, Church of Christ and others to the weekends. Our mission is “Equipping the Saints.”

“Paseo” is Spanish for “stroll” or “walk.” The weekend is an opportunity to walk with Jesus whereby the Holy Spirit reveals both the power and the love of God in exciting new ways to us, and helps us to live as Christians spreading His Gospel. Paseo is a powerful instrument for spiritual renewal as well as Christian leadership development and encouragement in the Church.

Paseo begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday. During those three days the participants (Pilgrims) listen to talks presented by priests, ministers,  and lay people, participate in small table discussions, pray, and worship together.

Paseo is not a weekend for beginners, but for those who are on a solid walk with Our Lord. It is designed to move the Pilgrims to a more introspective and Christ-Like leadership position within their own individual spiritual homes.

After the weekend, Pilgrims will begin to attend a Reunion group. They meet as often as the group decides. Most Pilgrims attend an existing group until they really understand the rationale and how they work, and then they form their own groups.
If you are interested in Paseo, speak to someone who has been through a weekend as you must have a sponsor.   If we can help or answer questions, let us know.